Frequently Asked Questions

If you're not sure if you actually NEED an alignment, how much it should cost or whether you should make an appointment...check out these common questions and answers.

Q: How will I know if my vehicle needs to be aligned?
A: There are a variety of indicators that should send you in to have your alignment checked:
  • If your vehicle begins "pulling" or "drifting" to either side
  • If your steering wheel is "off center" when you are driving straight
  • If your tires show excessive edge wear on the inside or outside
  • If your tires are wearing in an uneven or choppy pattern
  • If you have just had suspension work performed (MOST suspension repairs but not all require an alignment)
  • If you change the ride height (lift or lower) of your vehicle
  • If you experience a noticeable reduction in fuel economy

Q: How much will it cost to align my vehicle?
A: MOST passenger cars, light trucks and SUV's are between $80 - $100

* There may be additional charges for lowered vehicles, lifted trucks, over sized wheels or aftermarket adjustments (modifications). Please call if you aren't sure if this applies to your vehicle.

Q: If I come for an alignment and it turns out that I don't need one, is there a charge?
A: Yes, the charge would be reduced to $20 which covers racking your vehicle, a pre-alignment inspection that includes taking initial readings on the alignment machine and a printout of those settings as well as the manufacturers recommendations showing your vehicle is within correct alignment therefore giving you not only piece of mind but a dated reference for your records.

Q: What if my vehicle cannot be aligned because something is wrong?
A: Before we perform ANY alignment, we do a pre-alignment inspection (see above question) of all involved components such as shocks, struts, ball joints, bushings, tie rods and steering rack or box. If any part of this inspection reveals a problem that will prevent your vehicle from either being aligned properly or holding said alignment (in many instances the current alignment is incorrect due to age or wear or damage of parts), you will be informed before ANY work is done. At this point, with direction from you, we will move forward with preparing you an estimate for the needed repairs and you will either authorize those repairs to be completed ending with your alignment, or you may choose not to do the work and will owe only the diagnostic fee of $40.

Q: My vehicle vibrates while driving, do I need an alignment?
A: Probably not. Most of the time, vehicle vibration stems from incorrect wheel balancing or wheel bearing issues. In either case, we can properly diagnose the vibration and solve it.

Q: I have a very low vehicle that no other shop can seem to align, can you?
A: In most cases, YES! Most shops have a standard 3 foot long ramps to their lifts. Ours have been custom made at 9.5 feet long significantly reducing the approach angle. If you can drive up a driveway, your vehicle will drive up our lift.

Q: I have a lifted truck with 37" wheels, can you align it?
A: Yes. Lifted trucks and large wheels are not a problem for us.

*We own two types of alignment machines, high speed/high definition and laser. we have invested extensively over the years in numerous adapters and extensions allowing us the ability to handle virtually any wheel/tire combination.

Q: My truck has a long wheelbase (extra cab), can you align it?
A: In most cases, yes. Our lift is 6.5 feet longer than a traditional alignment rack so we can handle the longer vehicles.

*In addition to longer regular vehicles, we are also capable of aligning dually trucks (the average cost of a dually alignment is $125).

Q: I have very nice, very expensive rims. Is your machine going to damage my wheels?
A: No. Most of our alignments are performed on a machine where only a rubber seal touches the wheel. In some cases, we may have to use alignment heads that do clamp onto the wheel but this can be performed with plastic tabs vs. metal so no damage will be caused.

*Please remember that we are car guys too! We love, respect and appreciate nice vehicles and take EVERY step possible to ensure that no part of your vehicle is scratched, damaged or disrespected during ANY process we perform.

Q: My vehicle shakes when I brake. Do I need an alignment?
A: No. In most cases that would be caused by a brake related issue. Please bring your vehicle in for an inspection so we can properly diagnose and repair your brake issues.

Q: Do you take walk-ins or is it appointment only?
A: Although we will welcome both, we are a very busy shop and we maintain a tight schedule. In addition, vehicle repair work is an inexact science and there are many factors that may affect or change the time it takes to do any one job, therefore affecting every vehicle we see after that (the domino affect). We always honor our first appointment of the day as it is...well...the first. Everything after that, we do our very best to keep on schedule but occasionally must call those of you with appointments to communicate these delays or turn away walk in's as there is just no time or space to take on more work. If you are coming a long distance, taking time off work or any other time sensitive issues, we strongly suggest an appointment for you.

Q: Do you have a waiting area?
A: Yes. We have a comfortable clean waiting area with a restroom, complimentary Wi-Fi and a workstation and power outlet available. There are also four restaurants within a very short walk from us. We love your pets, but we ask that you keep them outside (a small seating area is provided out front) as a courtesy to our other customers.

Q: Do you have a shuttle service?
A: Unfortunately we do not.

Q: How long does an alignment take?
A: In most cases it takes about 30 minutes once the vehicle has been placed on the rack. Older vehicles lowered vehicles, lifted trucks, dually's and vehicles using shims will generally take longer.

Q: Can I drop off my vehicle?
A: Yes, absolutely. You do not need an appointment to do so and we actually prefer for the vehicle to be left with us. We also have a clearly labeled "key drop" next to our front door in the event you must drop off your vehicle before or after our office hours.

*When using the key drop, please remember to leave a note with ALL information including why your vehicle is there, your name and a phone number where you can be reached if we have questions or to let you know that the work is completed.

Q: If I drop off my vehicle and cannot pick it up the same day, will it be left outside?
A: No. Any vehicles we keep overnight will be stored inside our shop. In addition, we receive courtesy drive-by's regularly by the Orange Police Department (as we do many alignments for the City of Orange).

*This does not include vehicles that have been dropped off before or after our office hours as there is nobody to bring it in.

Q: I have an old classic car. Can you align it?
A: In most cases, yes. We have a long standing reputation for specializing in classic, muscle and exotic cars. We are also the preferred alignment shop for:
  • Scott's Independent Porsche
  • Redline Performance
  • Alpha Performance
  • Benton Performance
  • Enzo Motors
  • Ferrari Tech
  • JBM Motoring
  • Project Import
  • Pantera International
  • West Coast Corvette
Plus many, many other high quality shops and performance centers. Unlike a dealership, we do not limit ourselves to one make. In our 26 years in business we have seen just about every make and model. That combined with our extensive database of older vehicle specifications we have the experience and tooling to repair or align your vehicle.

Q: Do you do anything other than alignments?
A: YES! We are a complete undercar shop. Some other repairs we specialize in are:
  • shocks/struts
  • brakes/wheel bearings/seals
  • ball joints
  • bushings
  • CV axles
  • mounts
  • tires (We sell tires at a competitive price and offer free flat repair and free rotation on the tires we sell. Please ask for a quote)
Q: I track my vehicle and I have custom alignment specifications. Will you set my vehicle to those specs even if they differ from the manufacturers recommendations?
A: Yes. We will gladly set the vehicle wherever you want it. We will even allow you to sit in your vehicle (as a ballast) while we align the vehicle if you wish. However, we will have you sign a release on the invoice clearing us of any tire/suspension wear liability as a result.

Q: I bought tires at Costco and they recommended an alignment. Do you think they are correct?
‚ÄčA: In our experience almost 99% of the time they are correct. Keep in mind that Costco does not perform wheel alignments and are not gaining any sales from you getting this work done wherever you choose to go. They are likely looking out for your best interest and that of the tires you just invested in.